Birthday (பிறந்தநாள்)

(This poem was presented by Paa.Jeyapirakasam at 4th Festival of Literature conducted by Manipur State Kala Akademi at Imphal, Manipur on June  6 & 7, 2015)
Bigwig’s Birthday.
Shawl, silken cloth,
Assemblage reverberating with
What about the manure and soil
That made possible
This fertile growth of great achievement?
Who is there in the halo of the candle light
Feeding on the darkness
And burning
With no lament
Nor even a whisper….
Great Scholar!
Renowned Artiste!
King of Creativity!
Ace Speaker
who holds the wide world within his swirling tongue!
Lord Brahma of Pen-
Leaping in a somersault holding the breath
grasping the grand pearl and straightening!
Divine Sculptor!
 - so you’ve given
Superlatives aplenty.
But the lone name that you had
For yourself is
Faceless your face would get dissolved
in his countenance.
The wind that turns everything in the whole world
upside down
stays away from the window of your kitchenette.
The rain that floods all the wasteland forests
Pours not upon your
Earth till date.
No –
none remembers
your birth day.
 none remembers
when you were born !
- Suriyadeepan
Translated into English by Latha Ramakrishnan


பிரபலமான பதிவுகள்

வட்டார இலக்கியம்

நா.காமராசன் ஓய்ந்த நதியலை

அறிவுசார் புலமைச் சமூகம்