Life On The Shores Of Samuthavapuram (சமத்துவ தீர வாசம்)

(This poem was presented by Paa.Jeyapirakasam at 4th Festival of Literature conducted by Manipur State Kala Akademi at Imphal, Manipur on June  6 & 7, 2015)

(Like every village of India, Samuthavapuram {model villages of equality} has also turned into a place so full of the foul smell of castesim. In Arasanur Samathuvapuram of Sivagangai district in Tamil Nadu, the upper-caste people had attacked a Dalit family for daring to fetch water from the corporation pipe, and, convening the Panchayat had ostracized the family. Today’s News - The History of the Present and Future too.)
‘O, Pallaa in Palanquin –
can ever be more than a wild dream?’
So a proverb prevails even today
despite all the rational glow.
There is not even a torn page of History
which tells of the castes victimized by treachery
getting inside a palanquin.
Is our History Insane?
No palanquin-bearers
nor palanquins.
At the hour of moon’s shine rising up above,
in the well of night
Thailee of Samathuvapuram
would walk tiptoeing
to get water from
The   common village tap…..
She dreamt one day _
bright day… delightfully lit
in the same village tap of Samathuvapuram
Truly free from the shackles of Casteism
Thailee was fetching water
- Suriyadeepan
Translated into English by Latha Ramakrishnan


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