In The Doorway

Foreword from Paa.Jeyapirakasam's translated stories "Invitation to Darkness"

- Rudra Thulasidhas (Ilambharathi), Puducherry, 03.01.2019

The stories written by my bosom friend reflect directly the day-to-day life what we experience. His stories never exaggerate and do not deviate from the realism. The main reason for such a realistic approach is that he is more a social rebel than a mere story-teller. He associates himself with common people and picks up his literary characters from them. Since the themes of his stories are didactic, his characters exhibit the life that they experience themselves directly. To represent such characters, one should have the mental courage to face the realistic society.

As a sensible story-teller, Jeyapirakasam has a specific mental courage to expose the weak points of the contemporary society in which he lives on. He views the characters from a different angle because of which he differs from an ordinary writer. He makes use of the literary writing to expose his social views regarding the down-trodden layman who is usually discarded by ordinary journalistic pen-drivers. He exposes the characters whom we miss to accommodate. Such characters are also the sons and daughters of the same soil in which we live on. Actually they are nourishing us directly and indirectly and it happens knowingly or unknowingly. Jeyapirakasam is brave enough to see them face-to-face and expose their inadequate livelihood. It is this attitude that makes him a rebellious writer.

Mostly we hear the voice of the peasants in his stories which throbs in him incessantly. His characters are not alien to us. They live in our neighbourhood and they expect our mental awareness but we fail to expose. Of course, we do have the pricking conscience even though we do not dare to represent it in alphabets. In such an atmosphere, however, we do not hesitate to appreciate the feelings exposed by any of our collegues like Jeyapirakasam.

Expanding his journalistic atmosphere, his Tamil stories are now expressing themselves through English language. This will help the readers in various parts of our country to understand the mode of life the peasants lead in the southern most part of the same land.


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